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Crew Form for Gila Valley New Year's Balloon Extravaganza 2022-2023
WE NEED CREW TO HELP! Crew members help with the inflation of the balloons, follow the balloon in chase vehicles to be ahead of the balloon when it lands, assist the balloon when landing, and help pack the balloon away. The adventure takes about 3 hours starting at 6:45 AM. You must be on time. Crewing for a hot air balloon is fun and exciting.  

1. No experience necessary
2. Ability to focus and follow directions
3. Cooperative and friendly attitude
4. Able to physically help with lifting and holding
5. Show up on time.  
Crew members who volunteer to help for all days may get to fly. If you have any questions, please text or call 928-965-3222.  
To sign up, go to the Crew Sign Up Page.

Gila Valley Balloon Extravaganza
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